PROJECTS > Dalsfjordsambandet - Those Who Build Bridges

My current photo documentary on the bridge and tunnel project over Dalsfjord in Sunnfjord on the west coast of Norway aims to give voice to those laboring with this bridge and these tunnels to make this a reality via portraiture and documentary photography. The act of bridge building is actually the act of connecting. An act of local connection being made possible by people from all over the EU, bringing about the changes that will so impact this area. Yet for most of the residents of the local communities, these modern day Rallarer are anonymous, uncelebrated, often unrecognizable under layers of protective clothing and the dirt and grime from the job. They are the ones who do the work of building but are rarely quoted. They are the unsung heroes. This project will be exhibited locally when the bridge opens late in 2013 and hopefully will travel farther afield afterward. A book is also planned for 2014 in a cooperative project with the celebrated writer, director and playwright Rolf LosnegÄrd.